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We're actively developing and improving My Safety Call. In fact, in September 2021 we just released My Safety Call V2, which now includes: self-check-in and a completely upgraded user experience. 

Feature List

Automated Checkup Calls

Seniors will receive daily, scheduled, automated calls asking them to press 1 if they are ok. If they do not answer or press 1, My Safety Call will call them twice more in 20-minute intervals. If no calls are answered, My Safety Call will alert your organization via email, text, or phone call.

Alerts & Notifications

If a senior misses their calls, you can choose to send an alert to your organization or a senior’s secondary contact. Alerts are emails, texts, or calls notifying the recipient that My Safety Call did not reach the senior.

No-Call Schedule

If a senior wants to pause their check-up calls for some time, you can set a no-call schedule for them. A no-call schedule is a start and end date during which they will temporarily not receive calls. No-call schedules are most commonly used when seniors are on vacation or visiting family.

Local Phone Number

Seniors will be called using an area code that is local to your organization. For example, 415 if your organization is in San Francisco.

Custom Message

You can customize the call message to use a custom voice recording or use the default computerized voice.

Automated Registration

Seniors can sign up for the program through a form on our website or one that we can embed in yours. After submitting the online form, they will automatically be entered into our system and receive calls without you needing to do anything at all!

Secondary Contacts

Keep track of whom to notify if someone does not answer their calls. Optionally, you can also set up the program to automatically contact secondary contacts in addition to alerting your organization.

Organization Accounts

Create accounts for the various members of your team or organization. 

Unlimited Simultaneous Calls

My Safety Call can call multiple seniors at the same time. For example, you could schedule 1000 seniors to all be called simultaneously at 8 AM. 

Call History

View a history of all calls made to your seniors. 

Use Any Device

My Safety Call is optimized for use on all devices, including computers, smartphones, and tablets. 

High Security

We take security VERY seriously. Not because we have to, but because we want to. Security is a top priority for us and should be for any company storing senior addresses, phone numbers, and more.  

Future Updates

Below is a non-exhaustive list of features that we are thinking about adding. If you are interested in one in particular or have a new request, let us know by emailing! We’re always thinking about new ways to improve My Safety Call.

Joke of the Day

After the senior is asked if they are ok during an automated call, we will play a joke for them, for example, “Why do we tell actors to ‘break a leg?’ Because every play has a cast.”

Birthday Calls

When enabled, a senior will receive a birthday message on their birthday.

Medication Reminders

Schedule custom medication reminders with personalized instructions for what they should take.

Call Recording

Calls are recorded and available when a senior calls in or an automated call is made to them.


View advanced trends and longitudinal data over time.

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