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My Safety Call is for seniors who live alone in case of an accident or emergency. It automatically calls seniors once a day. If they don't answer their phone or remain unresponsive at the allotted time each day, we call their emergency contacts until someone answers. If no one helps out, we notify you to come to check on them. Often in these programs, seniors keep a lockbox with a housekey for enforcement agencies to use if they come to the home.

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New Seniors

After your organization signs up with us, you can either manually enter seniors into our website, or allow them to register by phone. Basic information needs to be collected such as their address, phone number, emergency contacts, and what times they'd like to be called. 

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Simple Web Interface

Our service is completely accessible on the web from any device (PC, Mac, Tablet, Smartphone). You and your team can share data with one another about which seniors are registered, when they will be called, and call history.

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No call days

Sometimes seniors know they will not be around to answer their phones. To prevent false alarms, seniors can call our number and let us know of a "No-Call Day." We'll automatically mark in our system to not call the senior that day. 

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Actionable alerting

When a senior does not answer their phone, we'll send you a text message, email, or call (your preference). Included will be a link with information about the senior, where they live if they have pets or a lockbox, and more. 

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