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Daily Checkup
Calls For Seniors
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Ray's Care Calls ☎️

Serving Seniors Across the US

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How it Works

How it Works

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Let us know when to call you. 

You can schedule calls anytime. For example, every day at 8 AM.

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At those times, we'll call and ask you to "Press 1 to check-in".

You can do this using any phone.

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We'll call you up to three times if you don't answer.

Calls are made in 15-minute intervals.

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After a third unanswered call, we'll alert your emergency contacts.

We'll call your emergency contacts three times or less if they acknowledge our alert calls to them.  

Ray's Care Calls is a LIFESAVER, literally. I once fell and would not be alive today had my neighbor not gotten the alert. 

Shannon C.

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We offer monthly or yearly payment options. You'll get the same service, but if you pay for the year upfront, you'll get a significant discount.

Pay Yearly

$15 / MONTH

Pay Monthly

$20 / MONTH

Proudly Made in the USA 🇺🇸

Frequently Asked Questions


Are the calls automated?

Yes. We believe automated systems are best when safety is the goal. Our system is more reliable, more secure, and faster at alerting contacts than human callers.


Can I check-in ahead of time?

Yes. You can always call (281) 730-8914 before your scheduled call or after a missed call to check in.


Who will I receive calls from?

You'll always receive a call from (281) 730-8914.


Who will be alerted if I don't answer my calls?

It's up to you! People often select to alert a neighbor or family member who knows where to find a spare key.


What if I'm out of town?

If you need to pause your calls, let us know, and we'll put your account pause for the planned time frame.


How many calls can I schedule per day?

By default, we allow for up to two checkup calls per day. If you'd like more, let us know.

Ray's Care Calls ☎️

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